What We Do in Student Affairs

What We Do

We help students create a home, explore activities, find a sense of self, engage with one another, build a network, discover academic support and maintain well-being.

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Tyler Riewer speaks at first Big Red Talk at Nebraska

Unique to Nebraska, Big Red Talks provide entertaining and inspirational messages that showcase the formative impact of experiences outside the classroom.

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Three students attend the Lunar New Year Celebration at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Funds are available to assist student organizations in planning student events and diversity programming. Funds also exist to provide assistance for students traveling to regional and national conferences.

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Husker Dialogues Cards to inspire meaningful conversations at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Specially designed to help participants develop and/or practice skills for meaningful conversations about difficult topics, Husker Dialogues cards are available from Student Affairs.

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Student works in Bike Shop at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Husker Grow conversations are brief but powerful. Student employees learn to connect skills and knowledge from the classroom with the work they are doing, and visa-versa.

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Outstanding Student Leadership Award finalists from 2016-2017

This award annually recognizes outstanding juniors who have made notable contributions toward the development of leadership qualities in their fellow students.

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Student pins a note on a feedback board at a student event

The Assessment Council serves to strengthen our capacity, as a data informed campus, to recognize and use quality information to improve student success experience.

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Rae Thomas of the Women's Center speaks with media about the End Rape on Campus march

Campus High-Risk Behaviors Task Force

The task force works to reduce, if not eliminate, the misuese of alcohol, including underage drinking, and the use of illicit drugs among the campus community. They also work to expand support services and activites for students in recovery, students who choose to abstain form alcohol and students who choose to engage in low risk drinking.

Gates on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus

Our campus and community partnership is designed to influence change through environmental policy, enforcement and education. Despite tremendous accomplishments and efforts in the past, high-risk drinking continues to challenge our campus.

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Service fair outside the Nebraska Union

Student Life & Leadership Committee

This committee serves as a conduit for community ideas regarding co-curricular life. As such, members work with the Student Affairs’ senior leadership team to establish and maintain a culture of student engagement, inclusion and success that welcomes and supports all students.

Student Affairs Staff Council group photo from fall 2016

The Staff Council exists to enhance communication within Student Affairs, to promote strong staff connections and effective integration for new staff, and to support a positive climate of recognition, community and professional development.

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A mother helps her son move into his residence hall

The association works to strengthen the bond between the university and parents by encouraging two-way communication, supporting activities that enhance students' educational experience, keeping parents informed and promoting the advancement of the university.

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