Marketing & Communication

We provide design, photo, video, strategic marketing and communication services for Student Affairs units and Recognized Student Organizations.

To begin working with a representative, complete one of the following forms:

General Marketing Request Form

Use to request informational pieces, campaigns, promotional items, event promotions, etc. Most projects require a minimum of 10 business days until the first proof. Campaigns typically require at least 6 weeks. For last-minute projects, download a temporary event template.

Photo/Video Requests Form

Request a photographer/videographer to capture footage of your event. If this is a photo or video project with a specific event date, please request at least two weeks prior to the event.

Web Request Form

Request a web project development. Most projects require a minimum of 10 business days.

COVID-19 Event Safety Messaging

Social Icons

These icons should be incorporated into Instagram Story posts and other event graphics for those events that have been approved by Student Affairs.

Face Coverings Required | 6-feet Physical Distancing | Hand Sanitizer Available


Social Language

The following language should be copied and pasted into event descriptions on promotional event posts if the event has received Student Affairs approval.

When 6-feet physical distancing:
Face Covering Required | 6-feet Physical Distancing | Hand Sanitizer Available

Event Introduction Message

The following message should be announced at the beginning of approved events with a captive audience.
Thank you for attending (insert event name) hosted by (sponsoring unit/organization). As a reminder face coverings must be worn throughout today’s event and participants/attendees must remain 6-feet apart to physically distance. Hand sanitizer is available (insert location). If you begin experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, we ask that you excuse yourself from the event.

Safety Signage for Events & Facilities

Additional Marketing & Communication Resources

Submit to UNL Announce Newsletters
This includes Next@Nebraska, the weekly newsletter for all students sent each Sunday; the RSO Newsletter, a bimonthly newsletter for RSO leaders sent at the beginning and middle of each month; and the Parent Newsletter, sent at the beginning of each month.

Submit to UNL Events Calendars
Add your events to your unit/department calendar and submit them to the university-wide calendars so others can easily find and help promote your events.