Student Stories

Batool Ibrahim

Lincoln, NE

I think the moment where my leadership and experiences as a student all honed together to really launch was when I founded the BSU Care Bags initiative.

"It was in the summer of 2020 a lot of us black students were watching George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and it seemed like life after life being lost all across the media. And at the same time, all the national news channels were telling us that black communities in the US were dying at a higher rate because of COVID-19. As a student and as a black woman living in this country, I understood I had a duty to my community.

I think every single leadership experience that I’ve tried to gain or step into since then has been to advance that idea of giving people the resources they need and making sure that there is always a seat at the table."

Hear about the BSU Care Bags initiative from Batool

Hunter Godina

Saint Charles, IL

When I started college, I didn’t know much about suicide prevention or about mental health and advocacy in general.

"It was during my freshman year seeing a friend battle with his struggles with mental health and with suicidal ideation that I realized just how important the resources here on campus were. Without question working here with Big Red Resilience & Well-being as a REACH trainer has been the most transformative experience I’ve had as a leader on campus."

Hear about Hunter’s experience as a REACH© suicide prevention trainer

Seth Caines

Hanover Park, IL

Portrait of Seth Caines

I gained different experiences from the two different organizations, but both have elevated me as a student and a future worker.

"As chair for the Environmental Sustainability Committee within ASUN and a part of the McNair Scholars Program, which is a research program here on campus, I’ve developed my leadership skills a lot in different ways and broadened my experiences within my time here at UNL. Technical-wise I learned a lot of lab procedures that I would generally learn in my degree through McNair, and through ASUN I learned more socially how to properly communicate with people and how to be a more effective leader and work with a team."

Sarah Carlson

Rapid City, SD

Campus Recreation has helped develop me into the strong and confident woman I am today.

Working as a staff assistant for sport programs at Campus Recreation has helped develop me into the strong and confident woman I am today. Having the opportunity to strengthen my communication, problem-solving, and adaptability has already and will continue to benefit me in my future career. Husker GROW has helped me to realize that these skills I use at work are applicable in many areas of my life.

Portrait of Sarah Carlson

Cameron Collier

Marysville, KS

Portrait of Cameron Collier

The amount of connection that you make through ASUN is insane but also the friendships that you have are near and dear.

"I got involved my sophomore year in standing committees – just made a lot of good friends and connections on campus with administrators, faculty, and just students as well. I’ve stuck with them through the entire time and excelled in my leadership through ASUN, going through positions and moving up to the executive team."

Danielle Higgins

Dalton, NE

Being a member of a sorority has allowed me to become more confident in myself.

"The Gamma Phi Beta sorority has pushed me to pursue my goals in college, and also pushed me outside of my comfort zone to pursue officer positions that I normally wouldn’t have. It has given me the confidence to do anything that I set my sights on."

Portrait of Danielle Higgins

Taylor Jarvis

Lincoln, NE

Portrait of Taylor Jarvis

The communications skills that I’ve been able to develop have really allowed me to set myself apart in internships.

"I’m the internal vice president of ASUN right now and it’s really let me develop as a leader, figure out my leadership style, and how I’m best able to interact with others and communicate. I’m not going into something government-related right away – I’m going to be a tax accountant. But even so, the communications skills that I’ve been able to develop have really allowed me to set myself apart in the internships that I’ve had because I’m comfortable communicating with people that are higher up in organizations because I do it all the time working with administration at the university."

Ellie Russell

ASUN was incredibly impactful not just in friendships but in learning about leadership in general.

"Freshman year I was a part of FCLA. That was incredibly impactful for me because being an out-of-state student I was able to meet 20 other wonderful people and get to connect with them; and take what I thought I knew about leadership in high school to a whole new level and turn it into college leadership. It’s also taught me skills about how to speak in front of large groups of people. I love the people and opportunities [ASUN] gives."

Portrait of Ellie Russell

Christina Trinh

Lincoln, NE

Portrait of Christina Trinh

ASUN has really helped me figure out who I want to be as an up and coming professional.

"The leadership experience outside the classroom that has been most transformative for me has been last year when I served as FCLA co-director. Serving in that role was really beneficial because I got to learn about leadership in its truest form. Just being able to grow as a leader by being that role model for 20 other people was such a meaningful experience."