Student Stories

Portrait of Emily Austin

Emily Austin

Gretna, NE

There is something so special about being able to give advice and knowledge to create a community of students.

Portrait of Seth Caines

Seth Caines

Hanover Park, IL

I gained different experiences from the two different organizations, but both have elevated me as a student and a future worker.

Portrait of Sarah Carlson

Sarah Carlson

Rapid City, SD

Campus Recreation has helped develop me into the strong and confident woman I am today.

Portrait of Yahaira Castro
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Yahaira Castro

Being involved in all the organizations that I am involved in has made it a lot easier to be able to keep my constant motivation – and Kappa Delta Chi especially.

Portrait of Cameron Collier

Cameron Collier

Marysville, KS

The amount of connection that you make through ASUN is insane but also the friendships that you have are near and dear.

Portrait of Hunter Godina
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Hunter Godina

Saint Charles, IL

When I started college, I didn’t know much about suicide prevention or about mental health and advocacy in general.

Portrait of Alexis Goodenberger
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Alexis Goodenberger

McCook, NE

I like to think that the amount of effort you put in is the amount of experience that you’ll get out of it.

Portrait of Danielle Higgins

Danielle Higgins

Dalton, NE

Being a member of a sorority has allowed me to become more confident in myself.

Portrait of Lydia Hoffman

Lydia Hoffman

Humboldt, SD

Serving as the president of the Residence Hall Association has led me to grow as a leader, mentor and friend.

Portrait of Batool Ibrahim
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Batool Ibrahim

Lincoln, NE

I think the moment where my leadership and experiences as a student all honed together to really launch was when I founded the BSU Care Bags initiative.

Portrait of Taylor Jarvis

Taylor Jarvis

Lincoln, NE

The communications skills that I’ve been able to develop have really allowed me to set myself apart in internships.

Portrait of Madison Maloney

Madison Maloney

Las Vegas, NV

One on-campus experience has definitely been the learning communities peer mentor—learning all those soft skills like communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just so versatile and vital to the workforce and post-grad.

Portrait of Clarissa Mason
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Clarissa Mason

Huntley, IL

I think the most transformational experience for me has been the peer mentor position for the Learning Communities. It’s allowed me to work with students in a much deeper, personal environment than I have before.

Portrait of Alex Neill
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Alex Neill

Nashville, TN

My favorite student experience with leadership that I’ve been able to take part of has probably been the student advisory board for the housing committee.

Portrait of Kara Peightal
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Kara Peightal

Through Husker GROW, I’ve definitely been able to know my strengths a lot better. Get what I’m getting out of the job and actually acknowledge what I’m getting out of the job rather than going through the job, doing it and then going on not really knowing what I really got out of it.

Portrait of Ellie Russell

Ellie Russell

ASUN was incredibly impactful not just in friendships but in learning about leadership in general.

Portrait of Viangri Sontay Lopez

Viangri Sontay Lopez

Grand Island, NE

I’m involved in so many things on campus now that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I didn’t start from the very beginning with NCPA kind of like giving me that carrot stick of ‘you’re going to do great things, but we’re going to have to push you to do those things.'

Portrait of Sophia Thomas
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Sophia Thomas

Through Husker GROW conversations, I’ve learned that I can use more conflict management, more leadership skills in my future. My major is political science, so I’ll be involved in a lot of group projects and talking to people that I don’t know and am not familiar with.

Portrait of Christina Trinh

Christina Trinh

Lincoln, NE

ASUN has really helped me figure out who I want to be as an up and coming professional.