Office of Student Affairs

Who We Are


These serve as guiding principles in daily operations and interactions.

  • Collaborate
    We initiate campus partnerships that advance student learning, maximize resources and facilitate civic engagement.
  • Connect
    We promote a sense of belonging through our programs, words and behaviors, and model advocacy and social justice in all our actions.
  • Include
    We foster diverse, accessible and caring communities that promote full and equal participation and respect each individual's personal stories.
  • Innovate
    We seek new and creative solutions to challenges facing our campus and community.
  • Lead
    We provide inclusive leadership opportunities that are challenging and rewarding, fostering the development of ethical, responsible, and collaborative leaders.
  • Cultivate
    We nurture their growth, learning and well-being in a campus environment that encourages kindness, offers support, honors compassion, builds relationships and connects faculty, staff, and students.


Connect learning with life.
Through partnerships with campus and external stakeholders, Student Affairs designs and implements purposeful programs, resources, and services to contribute to and enhance the university’s educational mission. Our work cultivates student success through engagement, well-being and a commitment to diversity.

We envision a future where every student stretches their unique strengths through deep and engaged learning while building meaningful relationships to co-create their Nebraska experience. Vision statement

Strategic Priorities

  1. Create transformative experiences and communities that contribute to retention and student success.
  2. Provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to student care and well-being.
  3. Promote diversity and inclusion throughout Student Affairs.
  4. Lead through creative and innovative use of fiscal and human resources.

Office of Student Affairs Staff

Dee Dee Anderson, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
VCSA Attendance Request

Tony Rathgeber, Associate to the Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff

Josh Overocker, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Operations & Auxiliaries)

Vacant, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Advocacy & Support)

Ryan Lahne, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (Student Life & Leadership)

Dan Kohler, Director of Marketing & Communications

Hollie Swanson, Director of Administrative Operations & Strategic Events

Jordan Foreman-Black, Director of Assessment & Learning Outcomes

Ruth Oliver Andrew, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Kalan Walters, Project & Event Coordinator

K'Lee Dunn, Administrative Coordinator