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Each Husker has a role to play in stopping sexual assault and relationship violence. Through the Use Your Voice initiative, the University of Nebraska–Lincoln strives to increase awareness of campus resources for prevention, reporting and support.

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98% of Nebraska students say they would intervene to help if they saw someone at risk of sexual assault.

Healthy Minds Survey, 2018

Campus Resources

A confidential resource for victims/survivors of interpersonal violence, CARE staff can help you navigate campus and community resources.

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Title IX investigates reports of sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating/domestic violence and stalking. This office ensures the university reponds appropriately, effectively and equitably to all Title IX reports.

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If you feel unsafe at any time, contact University Police. Officers provide Husker Safe Walks and safety planning upon request.

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If you need a safe place to talk and get support, CAPS is here to help. Same-day appointments are available when needed—call 402-472-7450.

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Offering education and well-being coaching, BRRWB helps students become the best versions of themselves.

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A resource for issues related to gender, gender equity, sexuality and social justice.

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Request Training

CARE 101

(15-30 minutes)

Learn about the services available at the Center for Advocacy, Response and Education (CARE) in this introductory presentation. To schedule contact

Introduction to Title IX

(30 minutes)

In this overview, participants will learn what Title IX is, prohibited behaviors, resources, reporting options and information about the university’s bystander intervention program. To schedule contact Ryan Fette at

Supporting Survivors

(30-60 minutes)

CARE supports those who support survivors. In this workshop, participants will discuss how to recognize and support survivors of sexual violence. To schedule contact

Conversations About Consent

(60 minutes)

In this interactive workshop, individuals will increase their understanding of consent, a prominent issue in campus sexual violence. To schedule contact

Healthy Relationships

(60 minutes)

Learn to recognize the signs of healthy, unhealthy and abusive relationships. Individuals will gain knowledge of how to connect with resources to promote healthy relationships. To schedule contact

Title IX Workshop

(60 minutes)

This interactive presentation covers information from “Introduction to Title IX” and adds interactive scenarios to increase understanding of concepts related to sexual misconduct and intervention strategies. To schedule contact Ryan Fette at

Responsible Employee Training

(60 minutes)

Through this training, Responsible Employees will gain greater understanding of their role, learn about: prohibited sexual conduct, how best to respond to individuals who report sexual misconduct, and reporting processes and resources. Well-informed REs can help ensure the parties receive resources and support throughout the reporting process.To schedule contact Ryan Fette at

Step UP! Bystander Intervention

(90 minutes)

A comprehensive program that teaches students to be proactive in helping others, Step UP! training raises awareness for helpful behaviors, increases motivation to help, develops skills and confidence for responding to problems or concerns, and ensures the safety and well-being of self and others. Variations of this training are available for a variety of topics including but not limited to alcohol misuse, anger, depression, relationship abuse and sexual assault. Request a Step UP! training.

Ally Workshop

(1-2 hours)

This workshop provides education to faculty and staff to help support people of all gender identities and sexualities through developing allies. At the end of training participants receive an ally decal to display in their office or workspace to help identify individuals on campus who are open and understanding to LGBTQA+ people and can provide support about issues, questions and concerns. Request an Ally Workshop.

REACH Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

(90 minutes)

Anyone can help prevent suicide by learning the risk factors, warning signs, and how to intervene. Request a REACH training.