Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

It's Time to ActDiversity, Equity & Inclusion

Black student moves tassel at commencement at Nebraska

In June 2020, Student Affairs leaders made a commitment to take an active role in creating and supporting a more unified and inclusive campus. To improve ourselves and the community we create, we are committed to listening, supporting and advocating for what is right to confront racism and to promote racial justice, inclusion and equity.

View the 'Time to Act' communication from June 2020

Our Calls to Action

Engage in self-guided forums and small group discussions to assist us in better understanding racism and the experiences of Black lives on this campus.
Identify and engage a student advisory board on inclusivity to ensure we hear from and are responsive to Black students and other marginalized student populations, to establish how we can more effectively serve students, and to identify tangible outcomes.
Establish content standards that can be applied to professional development programs and student-centered learning exercises to address key topics such as privilege, systemic prejudice, implicit bias, deficit thinking, etc., and to ensure all are welcomed and included on campus.
Require social justice and inclusion training as part of the annual performance review process for all Student Affairs staff.
Increase accountability and transparency efforts to diversify staff working at all levels in Student Affairs (identify a baseline, set target goals, and assess metrics on an annual basis).
Audit current policies, practices and structural decision-making processes to ensure they promote and provide equitable access to Black students and staff.

Be Part of Our Efforts

Student Affairs values equity, respect, and inclusion. We encourage all staff to participate in virtual reflection spaces, where we can humbly acknowledge and process what has happened and look for ways to challenge and support each other through honest discussions. Those staff members interested in serving on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) committees should contact our committee leads.

Forums & Discussions
Vicki Highstreet

Student Advisory Board Coordinators
Laurie Bellows, Kelli King & Connie Boehm

Training & Development
Dustin Rollins, Vanessa Vaught & Jess Wagner

Staff Recruitment & Retention
Jenny Seamans & Allen Vaughan

Policies & Practices
Josh Overocker & Kat Grier