Halal options expanded to meet students' needs

Friday, March 1, 2024 Halal options expanded to meet students' needs

Man dining on a halal option

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln brings together students from around the globe. They come from numerous countries, nationalities, and religions in pursuit of a world-class education with outstanding facilities and opportunities. As individuals share ideas and customs, dining can play a central role in finding a place on campus. Through the expansion of halal options in the dining centers, the Husker community helps welcome all students and guests.

When it comes to serving halal, Ellyn McCarter, dining services registered dietitian and nutrition manager, says it comes down to access and inclusivity.

Halal is an Arabic word that translates to “permissible.” So, when one refers to halal foods, they are speaking of items that are permissible to eat under Islamic law. McCarter explains, “The religion of Islam has specific laws when it comes to foods [and how foods are prepared]. When we label a dish ‘halal’ this means that the meat and other ingredients in the dish are permissible in accordance with these laws.”

Halal options with Dining Services

We are excited to support our residential students during the month of Ramadan. Remember that if you are picking up foods before sundown to make sure you have proper refrigeration and reheat those foods to 165 degrees when you are ready to eat to prevent food-borne illness.

Abel Dining Center

Standard options of grilled chicken fillet from American Grill; chicken and beef meatballs, and pepperoni from Pizza Amore; and a new addition of halal turkey deli meat at Husker Heroes at Abel. Additional daily rotating options are available at Home Cooking. Late night will highlight rotating halal food options from 8:30-11 p.m., Monday thru Friday.

Cather Dining Center

Students may request takeout containers during meal periods. Rotating halal daily offerings will be marked with signs in the dining center.

East Campus Dining Center

Students may request takeout containers during meal periods. Halal options are always available upon request, and are on the line most days (due to limited serving line space this may not be every day). Additionally, baked fish will be available daily during meals.

Harper Dining Center

There are daily rotating halal options and students may request takeout containers during meal periods. Harper Dining Center is the dining center open over spring breaks. Please refer to dining.unl.edu for the hours of operation during this week. Fried cod fish nuggets will be available at Varsity Chicken through the mobile ordering app.

Selleck Food Court

Standard halal options include the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, French Dip, and Chicken & Green Veggie Rice Bowl.

Herbie's Markets

All Eat Fit Go meals in the Herbie's Markets use halal-certified meats, these meal prices will be adjusted during Ramadan to $9 so that students may use a meal swipe to purchase. Halal turkey deli sandwiches will be available, as well as a halal breakfast burrito.

Learn how to use NetNutrition® to find halal items on the menu

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