Event approvals open to dances

Sunday, March 28, 2021 Event approvals open to dances

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As a result of changing Directed Health Measures and related university policies, restrictions on numerous activities this spring have loosened over the course of the semester. This includes activities like intramural sports, banquets, philanthropies, and now dances.

A committee of eight student leaders and three staff members developed the new policies to increase potential social engagement while aligning with requirements established by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department.

“While the safety of our community is paramount, UNL is a place like no other when it comes to an in-person college experience," said committee member Mark Nusterer. "Formals and dances have been an integral part of that in the past, and we’re thrilled to see that hard work by both students and the university is having real results by bringing these events back. These policies will allow for greatly expanded social interaction but don’t compromise on the health of our community."

Any organization planning a formal or dance, regardless of size, must request submit a Risk Assessment (RSO risk assessment or non-RSO risk assessment) and an event approval request. Organizers should submit paperwork early as forms must be approved at least 10 days before to the event; and event approvals may take 7-10 days.

While dance approvals are permitted, there are additional protocols in place to ensure the safety of attendees and the campus community. Some of the protocols include:

  • Attendance tracking requirements
  • Size limitations
  • COVID-19 testing at three intervals: 4 days prior to the event, and 5 and 10 days after the event
  • Events are only permitted to take place in Lancaster County, Nebraska
  • A designated dance floor must be separate from food/drink
  • Attendees must wear face coverings when on the dance floor

To view all expectations for dances and other popular in-person events, visit https://studentaffairs.unl.edu/student-affairs-person-event-guidance. Any activity with fifty or more attendees still must submit a risk assessment and event approval.

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