Taking action: How to work through feelings of homesickness

Monday, September 12, 2022 Taking action: How to work through feelings of homesickness

Connecting with friends from home can help keep you motivated, but be sure to push yourself to make new friendships as well.

Beginning your college career and adjusting to life at UNL can be an exciting one, and yet, can often lead to feelings of homesickness. It is normal to experience these feelings in your first year and even later into college as you adjust to being back on campus. It’s important to remember that you’re going through a major life transition, and these feelings are completely normal and valid. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing homesickness, follow these tips to cope and work through this adjustment.

Make your room your own so it feels more like home.
Bring your favorite items from home to provide comfort and choose decorations that channel your own unique style. Create a space that you enjoy being in.

Challenge boredom and loneliness.
These tough emotions can often exacerbate feelings of homesickness, so it’s important to try to get out of your room, explore campus, connect with campus resources and events and try to meet new people. Find places that you like to study and relax on campus that you can visit when needing a change of environment. Try attending an upcoming event on campus or getting involved in activities and organizations to stay busy when needed.

Be intentional about staying connected with family and friends from home.
Plan for ways that you will stay in touch with important people in your life by coordinating phone calls, Facetimes, visiting home and having them visit you at school, if possible. Having these things to look forward to can help the transition become a little easier. While it’s important to visit home, try to be intentional about not visiting too early or too often to give yourself the best chances of engaging with peers and activities on campus to increase your comfort at UNL.

Meet new people.
Take time to enjoy campus events and activities where new students also may look to meet new people. Joining a campus organization, volunteering, participating in intramurals or meeting people at a new job can also be great ways to make new social connections. It can be stressful to initiate new conversations, so think about small steps like just smiling or saying “hi” to someone in your class or residence hall. Look for areas of common ground related to similar interests or ask what they’re studying.

Use campus resources. There are many on-campus resources that can be helpful as you adjust to being a Husker. A few to start exploring are:

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