Only 5 weeks until final exams. Here are 6 tasks to accomplish.

Monday, November 8, 2021 Only 5 weeks until final exams. Here are 6 tasks to accomplish.

[Craig Chandler | University Communication]

The beginning of November signals the start of a busy five-week dash to the conclusion of fall semester. Take time to plot a strategy to successfully navigate your course work, projects, club and organization obligations, personal health and the changing seasons. Here are some helpful tasks and resources to assist you.

  1. Register for your spring courses in MyRed. Plan for a strong start to next semester by taking a bit of time today to organize your future schedule and calendar.
  2. Pack up your summer clothing – and pull out your winter gear. If you swap out clothes over Thanksgiving Break, it will save you time. You won't need to frantically pack up during final exams and will help prevent from forgetting something before your winter break departure.
  3. Build a study schedule for final exams. You should already have a good idea of projects due dates and when final exams will occur. Now's the time to organize your calendar to fit in all that needs to be accomplished between now and December. Need help? Reach out to the Center for Academic Success & Transition (CAST) for helpful tips and advice.
  4. Plan ahead to eat well during the busy weeks after Thanksgiving. There are three post-Thanksgiving weeks when you'll need to fuel your body and brain. While busy with writing papers or studying it's important to get good nutrition. Options available to help you have good meals include Campus Rec’s Meal Kit Monday for Dec. 6 and Dining Services’ Meal Plans for Off-Campus students, and the Transact Mobile Dining app to order to-go meals from Dining Services and the Nebraska Unions' food courts.
  5. Get a flu shot and/or an STI test before you depart for the winter break. Prioritize your health in these final weeks when stress can be high. Taking care of yourself now can prevent critical symptoms later on.
  6. Sign your returning student contract with University Housing. If you want to secure your current room for next year or move into an on-campus apartment or suite for 2022-23, now's the time to complete your contract.
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