How to enjoy your first weekend back on campus

Monday, August 15, 2022 How to enjoy your first weekend back on campus

Welcome back to campus, Huskers! As you fill the residence halls, dining centers, academic buildings, and unions once again, you’re likely to bump into old friends and plan to get together with new ones.

The first weekend on campus usually involves meeting new people, attending Big Red Welcome events and lots of new experiences. Remember, making good choices will help you stay safe.

If you do choose to drink, check out these safety tips:

  • Eat – If you’re going to drink alcohol, eat a protein-rich meal before heading out for the night. If possible, try to eat during your night out as well.
  • Hydrate – Drink lots of water before drinking alcohol. Once you’re out at a party or at the bar, alternate between alcoholic beverages and water.
  • Keep track – Know roughly how many servings of alcohol are in the drinks you’re consuming and keep track of that mentally or on your phone.
  • Make a plan – Before going out for the night, make a plan with your friends. Decide how you’ll get to the bar or party, how long you want to stay, and how you’re getting home.
  • Stick together – don’t leave anyone to walk home alone.
  • Know how to get home – If you’re new to Lincoln and planning to go out, be sure you know how to get home after. Make sure your phone has plenty of battery life in case you need to map the area; and consider sharing your location with a friend or roommate.

No matter what you’re weekend holds, keep in mind that 35% of UNL students did not drink this past year—if you choose not to drink, you’re not alone.

While the university may feel large and unfamiliar, you’ll soon develop a friend group. You can find people who are like-minded and want the same things out of college that you do.

Looking for something to do that doesn’t involve alcohol on the first weekend? Plan to attend events that are part of Big Red Welcome.

Evening Activities This Weekend

Friday, August 19

Saturday, August 20

Looking for other things to do? Explore nearby activities and entertainment.

  • Plan to go see Fire of Love for $5 at the Ross Theater (adjacent the UNL Visitor’s Center).
  • Get adventurous by participating in climbing at the Outdoor Adventures Center.
  • Check out Cosmic Skating at the Breslow.
  • Cheer on the Lincoln Saltdogs, an independent, minor league baseball team.
  • Catch a late-night movie at the downtown movie theater.
  • Do an escape room nearby in the Haymarket.
  • Pick up a sweet treat from a local favorite like 402 Creamery, Ivana Cone or the UNL Dairy Store.
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