6 campus spots to study for midterms

Thursday, February 23, 2023 6 campus spots to study for midterms

As you prepare for midterm exams and projects, here are six student-recommended study spots around campus for you to hit the books.

Abel Hall Study Rooms & Lounge

It can be hard to find a nice quiet place to study when you have a roommate. Check out one of the single study rooms on the first floor of Abel for some peace and quiet. Or if you’re looking for somewhere more comfortable, swing by the open areas across from the elevators and take a seat at one of the couches.

Abel Hall lounge area

Andersen Hall 3rd Floor Common Area

For a quick study session run up to the third floor of Andersen Hall and take a seat at one of the tables overlooking the second-floor studio. Later in the day this is a quiet location to get in the zone and grind out your work.

Andersen Hall 3rd floor workspace

Selleck Food Court Dining Area

If you don’t mind a little noise, grab a friend and head to the dining area of the Selleck Food Court. The dim, cozy environment is perfect for studying while you enjoy a quick lunch or settling in for a few hours.

Selleck Food Court dining area

Morrill Hall Plaza

If you’re looking for somewhere outside but can't snag one of the tables outside the union, walk over to Morrill Hall and spread out at one of the picnic tables while you enjoy the fresh air under the trees.

picnic tables outside Morrill Hall

Nebraska East Union Fireplace Area

Claim one of the study rooms on the second floor or get cozy around the indoor/outdoor fireplace at Nebraska East Union. Take advantage of the shorter line at Starbucks and treat yourself to an extra boost of caffeine to keep you fueled for a longer study session.

Indoor/outdoor fireplace at Nebraska East Union

College of Business Balcony Areas

The College of Business (Hawks Hall) offers a quiet, open environment with tons of natural light. Utilize the open atrium on the second floor or opt for one of the balcony areas on the third, fourth and fifth floors for a more private space.

Chair and desk on one of the balconies in Hawks Hall

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