STUDY SPOTS: 9 campus locales to hit the books

Thursday, December 5, 2019 STUDY SPOTS: 9 campus locales to hit the books

Each person has different needs when choosing an the ideal study space. Furniture, power outlets, windows, temperature, energy level - even the color of the walls - can be deciding factors. Every Husker already knows Love Library's Learning Commons and the Nebraska Union’s ground floor are popular choices for many students. Here are nine additional spots to enjoy for studying or meeting a group project.


Nebraska East Union, 3rd level
Nebraska East Union 3rd level.
pod chair at Nebraska East Union.

Massengale Residential Center

Massengale is key-card access only for residents living in the complex. Residents can invite non-residents inside to work on group projects.

colorful bench in Massengale Residential Center.
student inside a study lounge.
study lounge.


Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center + Kawasaki Reading Room
Mandala lounge.
Kawasaki Reading Room.

Mezzanine Room - Love Library South, 2nd level
Mezzanine Room at Love Library.
Mezzanine Room at Love Library.

Louise Pound Hall
Ground-floor lounge near Husker Hub in Louise Pound Hall
Lower-level computer lab.

Henzlik Hall
students in study booths inside Henzlik Hall.
Henzlik hall study space.

College of Business
students studying.
students studying in COB atrium

Rec Room - Nebraska Union, lower level
students studying in high-back booths.

Willa Cather Dining Center
students studying beside large windows.
students sitting in lounge.
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