LGBTQA+ Workshops Teach Advocacy and Inclusivity

Thursday, November 10, 2016 LGBTQA+ Workshops Teach Advocacy and Inclusivity

LGBTQA+ Resource Center Workshops, Fall 2016

Throughout November the LGBTQA+ Resource Center is hosting workshops for students, staff and faculty to learn how to create inclusive environments.

“Since marriage equality was put into place, a lot of anti-LGBT laws are coming into practice across the country,” said Stephanie Blair, graduate assistant for the LGBTQA+ Resource Center. “A lot of people are scared of what they don’t know, and I think a lot of people want inclusive spaces but don’t know how to go about it. The workshops allow people to take responsibility and ownership of their own education.”

The first workshop taught participants how to create inclusive spaces, and the second workshop, brave spaces, furthered discussed inclusivity. Both instructed participants on effective listening and advocating for marginalized groups. The third workshop, ally development training will took place on Nov. 15.

The last workshop in the series, the social justice advocate workshop will occur on Nov. 29. This is the LGBTQA+ Resource Center’s first year hosting a social justice advocate workshop, which will focus not only on social justice within the LGBTQA+ community but in all communities.

“Even though the workshops are [two hours] long and it can be daunting, they’re interactive and fun,” said Blair. “It’s important information that everyone can benefit from.”

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