Halal options increase on-campus dining inclusivity

Monday, September 19, 2022 Halal options increase on-campus dining inclusivity

Students enjoy food and conversation in the Abel Dining Center.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln brings together students from around the globe. They come from numerous countries, nationalities and religions in pursuit of a world-class education with outstanding facilities and opportunities. As individuals share ideas and customs, dining can play a central role in finding a place on campus. Through the inclusion of halal options in the dining centers, the Husker community helps welcome all students and guests.

Learn how to use NetNutrition® to find halal items on the menu

When it comes to serving halal, Ellen McCarter, dining services registered dietitian and nutrition manager, says it comes down to access and inclusivity.

We understand the importance that meat can play in a balanced diet, and we want to increase this access to our Muslim students, staff, and faculty.”Ellyn McCarter, dining services registered dietitian and nutrition manager

Halal is an Arabic word that translates to “permissible.” So, when one refers to halal foods, they are speaking of items that are permissible to eat under Islamic law. McCarter explains, “The religion of Islam has specific laws when it comes to foods [and how foods are prepared]. When we label a dish ‘halal’ this means that the meat and other ingredients in the dish are permissible in accordance with these laws.”

While Dining Services has served halal menu items in the past, the addition of NetNutrition® now makes it easier to identify which items in each dining center are halal to build a nourishing meal. Students can filter items by meal preference, including halal, to determine which items they may eat.

A popular halal selection that is regularly available is chicken sandwiches from the Selleck Café. Additionally, the Abel Dining Center serves at least one entree each lunch and dinner that is a halal food item.

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