Get ready for the Red-White Spring Game

Friday, April 1, 2022 Get ready for the Red-White Spring Game

It’s almost time for the spring football game – the perfect time to brush up on those tailgating skills. With more sunlight and warmer weather, everyone is ready to get outside. Review these tips so you’re ready for a winning day.

Make a Game Plan

When preparing for game day, make sure you and your tailgating group are all on the same page. What time are you arriving, who is bringing what, and what’s the plan for after the game? Does everyone need to be dressed up for insta-worthy pictures? Planning ahead of time and setting expectations will help ensure everyone gets what they want out of the day, and no one goes home disappointed.


Whether you’re in Memorial Stadium or tailgating outside, one of the best parts of football season is the food! Eating is especially important if you choose to drink alcohol as it will help slow your body’s absorption of alcohol. Regardless, when spending a day outside it's important to eat protein-filled meals that can keep you going from kickoff through the 4th quarter. While typical tailgating food isn’t always the most nutritious, there’s no reason to feel guilty for enjoying it. To balance everything out, plan to enjoy a nutrient-filled breakfast before the game.


There is a good chance that the Spring Game might be one of the first long days you spend outside, and it’s important to keep yourself hydrated while out in the sun. Hydration is extra important if you are drinking, as alcohol contributes to dehydration. Aim to drink lots of water in the morning before the game, and keep a reusable bottle or bottles of water on hand at your tailgate site to make hydration easy. You may find it helpful to drink sports drinks or use hydration boosters to keep your electrolytes up.


Again, Spring Game means lots of time outside in the sun. Protect yourself by wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 and reapplying every two hours. Remember, even if it ends up being an overcast day, 80% of UV rays still permeate through the clouds.

Dress in Layers

While a Midwestern spring morning can be 35 degrees, it could be warm by mid-day. Keep yourself comfortable through the day’s temperature changes by dressing in layers. If it’s really chilly in the morning, it may be helpful to bring along a blanket.

Keep it Clean

Did you know Husker football fans are known as some of the friendliest fans in college football? Help keep that tradition going by being kind and respectful to people and facilities alike.

You can do your part:

  • Clean up; dispose of any trash at your tailgating site before wrapping up for the day.
  • Stay family-friendly; for many Nebraska fans, game day is a family affair, so you’re likely to see lots of young Husker fans around.
  • Drink responsibly; if you choose to drink, take care to avoid overconsuming and don’t drive after consuming alcohol.

Explore Lincoln

Lincoln is ranked in the top 30 best college towns in the United States. Downtown Lincoln and the Historic Haymarket have great food, coffee, ice cream and more. If you can brave the crowds, walk over after the game to get the full experience.

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