Celebrate safely this spring

Monday, May 2, 2022 Celebrate safely this spring

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We’re rapidly approaching the end of spring semester and the month of May, which means warmer temperatures, finals, daytime parties, Cinco de Mayo and graduation! While none of these things require alcohol to enjoy, here are a few tips about how to keep yourself safe if you choose to drink.

Celebrate Responsibly

This applies to both how you drink and how you treat Mexican culture. Enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Mexico and Mexican culture without appropriating or demeaning Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

  • Going out? Support a Mexican-owned restaurant.
  • Know the history: Cinco de Mayo commemorates the anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. It is not Mexican Independence Day, which falls on September 16.
  • Do not dress up in brownface, wear a fake mustache, wear a sombrero or engage in similar disrespectful costumes.
  • Consider supporting immigrants’ rights; donate or volunteer your time to an organization that supports immigrants.

Consider What You Have Going on the Next Day

Do you have a final or project due on May 6? Then Cinco de Mayo may not be the night to order the monster-sized margarita. If you really want to go out with friends, just have one beer or hard seltzer, or opt to stick with non-alcoholic beverages for the night.

Are your parents or family members coming at 8 a.m. to help you move out of your apartment? You may need to tamp down your end-of-semester celebration or move it to another night.

Tips for Safer Drinking

Pay attention to ABV– ABV stands for Alcohol By Volume and measures the alcohol content of beverages. Beers typically have an ABV of 3 – 13%, wine 8 – 14%, and liquor 15 – 50%. If you want to drink alcohol and avoid becoming overly intoxicated or hungover the next day, choosing drinks with a low ABV, such as beer or hard seltzers, and taking it slow will help avoid those side effects.

Limit cocktails. Most cocktails contain multiple standard servings of alcohol. If you’re craving this type of beverage, lower your risk by drinking one then switching to a drink with lower ABV, like water or soda for the rest of the night.

Don't end the evening with shots. It takes the average person about one hour to process a serving of alcohol. If you take one at the end of the night, your body will barely start to process the alcohol before you leave. And it’s not fun for anyone to have alcohol hit after the party is over.

Dress up non-alcoholic drinks. Whether you need a break or choose not to drink alcohol at all, selecting water or another fun, alcohol-free drink can be a good choice. The Wellbeing Ambassadors recommend Sprite with a lemon wedge so you still get a fun drink for yourself! You could add grenadine for a little extra flavor and color.

Don’t forget... Hydrate and eat before drinking. Always pregame with protein.

Walk, Uber, or Designate a Driver – Don’t put yourself or others in harm's way; don’t drive after drinking.

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