Blogs share the story of wellness

No matter the subject, students seek resources to help them make informed decisions –that’s why several departments in Student Affairs have taken to blogging. The online platform easily allows departments to share personal stories, tips and tricks directly with Nebraska students.

The blog topics vary, but together the stories promote a campus-wide culture grounded in a multi-dimensional model of wellness.

Campus Rec Blog

This blog is a collaborative effort to provide wellness tips, identify the latest and greatest technology and products for staying in shape, share healthy recipes, discuss building updates and renovations, and encourage discussion on current fitness trends. View a recent post about how yoga inspired resiliency and saved fitness instructor Rachel Huenink’s life.

Goals Start a Plate at a Time by University Housing – Dining Services

This blog provides content selected by the good Nutrition counts (gNc) committee. Content focuses on helping individuals become more knowledgeable about nutrition-related topics, as well as identifying ways readers can use nutrition to meet their overall goals like maintaining a healthy weight, reducing the risk of disease, and improving academic and athletic performance. View the recent post on proteins for athletes to perform and recover.

Student Money Management Center Blog

This blog features tips and tricks to save money, deal with debt, finance your education, invest for the future and improve your financial health. View the recent post on new summer 2017 tuition grants.

University Health Center Blog

This blog features weekly posts about hot health and wellness topics suggested by the student body or UHC staff members who notice health trends on campus. Posts are written by UHC subject matter experts and provide practical tips to help students lead a healthier lifestyle. View the recent post on surviving seasonal allergies.

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