Well-being Ideas: 3 activities to keep a positive social outlook

Friday, April 3, 2020 Well-being Ideas: 3 activities to keep a positive social outlook

Corbyn Ayer is a well-being coach at Big Red Resilience and Well-being.

The transition to remote learning and social distancing can feel overwhelming and scary at times. It is so important to check in with yourself and understand those feelings are valid.

To combat the unease that comes with this new situation, I find it essential to focus on the positives and connect with others.  Three things I’m doing are:

1. Video chatting via FaceTime to feel closer to friends and family. Being able to laugh and smile with loved ones relieves some of the pressure of the current situation.

2. Eating dinner with my family. It may seem like a small gesture, yet we can talk about our daily and de-stress together.

3. Keeping in contact with coworkers and classmates helps me normalize the experience of remote learning.

As a Well-Being Coach, I know how essential it is to chat with a peer when you are feeling down or just need to talk; my fellow coaches and I are trained to help students thrive in the nine dimensions of well-being. Connect with me or another coach via a 1-on-1 Zoom session to talk about your experiences and receive more advice for your personal well-being. 

I have so much hope we can all get through this because I have seen support being spread often during these scary times. Remember to respect and love each other during this hard situation and keep your head up.

Corbyn Ayer is an undergraduate well-being coach at Big Red Resilience and Well-being within UNL Student Affairs. Well-being coaches help their Husker peers in all areas of well-being: social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, career, environmental, and physical. Schedule an appointment with a well-being coach here.


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