Neon Nights Illuminates Nebraska Campus

Friday, September 23, 2016 Neon Nights Illuminates Nebraska Campus

University of Nebraska-Lincoln students dance and enjoy a paint party in the heart of campus

Loud music, flashing lights and neon paint lit up the plaza north of the Adele Learning Commons at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Thursday, Sept. 22. Campus NightLife’s Neon Nights invited students to get covered in neon paint while dancing to popular music and spending time with friends.

More than 1,200 students  came to get their white clothes soaked in paint. Laughter and screaming could be heard throughout campus as gallons of paint were sprayed over the crowd and fog machines went off.

“The atmosphere is great, said Michael Parks, a freshman who was taking a short break from dancing to catch his breath. “It’s a paint party. You want to go to a paint party!”

People who wanted a break from the action were able to grab snacks and take in the event from the outside. Freshman Jami Turnquist decided to capture the moment and take pictures with her friends.

“It’s fun that it’s on a Thursday night,” said Turnquist. “It’s something different!”

For some students, Neon Nights was an opportunity to forget about studying. “We get to goof off and have a great time!” said freshman Robyn Smith.

Campus NightLife partnered with the William H. Thompson program and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life to host the event for the second year in a row. Though weather concerns forced Neon Nights to reschedule from its original Aug. 26 date, the event was a success.

“It was awesome to see students from such diverse backgrounds having fun, enjoying the music and the gallons of paint thrown on them,” said Reshell Ray, associate director of Student Involvement and advisor to Campus NightLife. Ray added that Campus NightLife plans on hosting more events like Neon Nights in the future.

Although Neon Nights only lasted a few hours, the event provided students with an unforgettable experience of dancing the night away near the same buildings where they attend class in the day.

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