Bike Care: 5 steps to winterize your bicycle for storage

Friday, November 8, 2019 Bike Care: 5 steps to winterize your bicycle for storage

Bicycles parked in a bike rack at the Nebraska Union.

If you’re putting away your bike for the colder seasons, follow these steps and use your on-campus services to keep your ride in great condition.

1. Go for a ride one more time!
Enjoy the autumn season on the trails of Lincoln and the Great Plains Network.

2. Remove cyclocomputers, repair kits, lights, and water bottles.
Cleaning and storing these items extend the lifespan of each.

3. Wash your bike.
Dirt, grime, and salt corrode your bike over time, especially when its sitting dormant for a long time. Water and a mild detergent/soap works well.

4. Get a tune-up.
Keep your bike in proper working order and be ready to ride again as soon as the weather breaks in the spring. At a minimum, lubricate the chain and cables and air up the tires to proper pressure. Tune-ups are available at the Bike Shop in the UNL Outdoor Adventures Center. 402-472-4777

5. Find a storage location.
Ideally, an indoor spot is the best option. Inside your residence hall room, apartment, house, or garage are easy choices. YES, you can store your bike in your UNL residence hall room – but you can’t ride indoors or install storage hooks in the ceilings, walls, or furniture. Talk with your RA or RD if you have questions. Bike lockers can be rented for as little $10/month at the UNL Outdoor Adventures Center, too.

If you must store it outside: Make sure it is locked in the most secure way possible - use cables and locks to secure the wheels and frame to an immovable object. Use a cover to protect it from the environment.

HELPFUL HINT: Store your bike off its tires. Simply turning the bike upside-down on the floor or hanging it (if allowed) helps prevent cracks, weak spots and bulging from forming in the tires.

Bike Shop in the UNL Outdoor Adventures Center | 930 N 14th Street | 402-472-4777 | Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily

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