Here are the best "photo op" spots to find around campus

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Here are the best "photo op" spots to find around campus

Whether you're looking to take meaningful graduation photos, spend time with friends or get an aesthetic new Instagram photo, look no further than our list of the best photo opportunities around campus. Follow the list's order to travel a photo walk path around campus and downtown.

  • Broyhill Fountain
    Begin your journey outside the Nebraska Union at the Broyhill Fountain. The water feature serves as a central campus hub, and makes for visually appealing photos on a sunny day.
  • Alumni Center "The Value of N" sculpture
    Outside the Wick Alumni Center, the large "N" statue is a memorable day or nighttime picture spot. Grab a celebratory end-of-year photo with the huge Husker logo, or come back at night for an interesting glowing visual.
  • Archie the Mammoth
    Tap Archie's foot one last time while he stands at his perch outside Morrill Hall.
  • Columns between Campus Recreation Center and the Stadium
    These historic columns are synonymous with the UNL campus, so grab one more photo in this unique area before they're taken down for construction this summer.
  • Husker Legacy Statue
    Next, head right over to the east side of Memorial Stadium, where this iconic game day landmark resides. Post with the statue's subject for a fun picture, as the stadium creates a perfect backdrop.
  • "Old Glory" red sculpture
    Walk back toward the Nebraska Union and stop by "Old Glory," the giant red-orange abstract sculpture located on the grass by Love Library. Every UNL student has walked past this structure on the way to class, making for an instantly recognizable photo.

Congratulations! You completed the campus photo walk. Now get to editing your photos and sharing them with others by tagging @unlincoln, @involvedunl, and @unlstudentlife on social media.

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