RSO Resource Guide: Submitting an EPR

Remember to submit your EPR early! Generally, indoor events require all approvals at least 3 business days in advance, and outdoor events require all approvals 10 business days in advance. Submit your EPR as soon as you know the foundational details.

  1. Select your RSO from the homepage of NvolveU, under memberships. Then, click "Manage Organization" on the top right.
    Manage Organization
  2. Select the Organization Toolbox button (located under the NvolveU logo)
    Organization Toolbox Button
  3. Select"Events"
    Select Events
  4. Select"+ Create Event" On this page, you can also see all of your RSO's approved or cancelled Event Forms!
    Create Event
  5. Answer all questions honestly. Make sure you read all of your options for each question - this helps Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement quickly add the right reviewers to speed up approvals!
    If there are multiple of the same events, like a general meeting, just submit one EPR! Make sure to "Add Dates" on the first page!
  6. Make sure to click submit! We can't see "started" EPRs, only submitted EPRs!
  7. Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement will review, add the appropriate reviewers.
    It is vital you respond to the questions these reviewers have! Respond promptly to ensure fast approvals.
    Make sure your Preferred email is correct on your Account Settings to get prompt notifications!

    From: Brian Rountree

    To: EPR Submitter

    Please keep in mind that all approvals must be in at least three business days before your event start date. Therefore, all approvals must be in by Friday, February 7 at 4:00 pm in order to avoid event denial. If you have any questions, please let us know.

    The following people will be reviewing your EPR:

    • For Nebraska Unions
      • Aaron Henry
      • Carrie Jackson
      • Judi Augustine
    • Stacy Scott for SOFS
    • Amy Stewart for Pepsi
    • Brian Rountree for potential contracts

    Thank you,

    - Student Leadership, Involvement & Community Engagement

  8. Keep up with reviewer requests and questions. Once all reviewers have given their approval, we'll approve your event!