Student Support during COVID-19

COVID-19 can personally impact students in a variety of ways, even if they themselves do not have the virus. Student Advocacy and Support is here to support and assist students who are navigating some of these challenging circumstances. We can help students communicate with professors to request flexibility in how to complete course requirements, notify instructors of an absence, or explain how to withdraw from class(es) due to COVID-19.

If a student has a disability and/or chronic health condition that makes them high risk for COVID-19 students should request a meeting with Services for Students with Disabilities to discuss how these concerns can be best accommodated.

The university will provide isolation housing at no additional cost to students who need it. Students who need help finding a place to stay to follow all isolation expectations should call us at 402-472-3204.

Students seeking academic flexibility for the 2021-2022 academic year related to COVID-19 must have medical documentation of a health risk that cannot be mitigated through vaccination for their request to be considered.

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Students experiencing severe symptoms due to COVID-19 may submit an absence notification request to gain assistance in notifying instructors about the student’s absence and when the student expects to re-engage in academic work (if known). Students are responsible for contacting their instructors once they are able to discuss missed coursework. If circumstances arise that make this challenging, contact Student Affairs for assistance.

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Students taking time away for treatment of or recovery from COVID-19 are eligible to request a medical withdrawal for a current or previous term.

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