A medical withdrawal provides students the opportunity to take time away from campus for the treatment of a mental or physical health condition that impairs their ability to function safely and successfully as a member of our community. This policy was designed to provide students with individualized attention, consideration and support to address health issues that arise or escalate during their time at UNL.

Request a Medical Withdrawal

Students are encouraged to contact Student Advocacy & Support, their academic advisor, and Husker Hub prior to requesting a medical withdrawal.

Medical withdrawal requests should be sent to studentaffairs@unl.edu, and must include:

  • Medical Withdrawal Request Form
  • Personal statement that explains the medical condition and its impact on the ability to perform academically
  • Documentation from an impartial, licensed healthcare provider consisting of a letter on clinic letterhead with the provider’s full name, credentials and signature, that explains:
    1. The date of onset of illness, injury, or condition
    2. The nature of the student’s medical condition, its impact on the student, and how and why it will interfere or has already interfered with the student’s performance
    3. The dates the student was or will be under professional care or receiving treatment
    4. The nature and extent of care and treatment
    5. The potential health or clinical consequences if a medical withdrawal is not granted

Withdrawal requests are reviewed monthly by the Behavioral Intervention Team. Prior to full review, students may be asked to provide supplemental documentation.

Returning to UNL After a Medical Withdrawal

Students must complete the re-enrollment process at least eight (8) weeks prior to the term in which they intend to enroll.

Re-enrollment requests should be sent to studentaffairs@unl.edu, and must include:

  • Medical Withdrawal Re-enrollment Form
  • Personal statement explaining how you have addressed your medical condition during your time away from UNL and how you anticipate using services on and off campus to support your health and academic success going forward
  • Letter from an impartial, licensed healthcare provider that includes or explains:
    1. The nature and duration of the provider’s relationship with the student
    2. The nature of the therapy or treatment they provided
    3. The effectiveness or success of the treatment or therapy
    4. The need for additional therapy, treatment or support, or accommodations and the extent to which they can be provided while the student is simultaneously enrolled at the university
    5. A statement of professional opinion that the student is ready to return to university study

See the full medical withdrawal policy for more information.