Student Affairs Funding Resources

Types of Funding

A limited amount of funds are available to assist student organizations in planning events and attending conferences. Funding can run out.

Funds for Student Events

The Pepsi Student Events Fund provides assistance for major campus events. Programs must be sponsored by recognized student organizations in good standing.

This fund also is available to UNL academic departments or colleges for special events in which large numbers of high school students will be on campus.

Funds for Diversity Programming

The Pepsi Diversity Program Fund provides assistance to minority student organizations and programming, activities and events with the goal of increasing positive engagement and interactions among a diverse audience.

The Student Affairs Diversity Program Fund similarly provides assistance to diversity programming sponsored by recognized student organizations that takes place on campus.

Funds for Conference Attendance

Please note: Funds to attend conferences during the 2018-2019 academic year are no longer available.

The Student Affairs Diversity Conference Attendance Fund provides assistance for students traveling to regional and national conferences affiliated with recognized student organizations.


  • Funds are only available to Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) in total compliance.
  • RSOs must have approval from the organization’s advisor.
  • RSOs must have a current account with the Student Organization Financial Services (SOFS) Office or a cost object number.

Additional funding criteria for consideration:

  • Has the student organization/department done any fundraising on its own?
  • What other sources of revenue have been obtained?
  • Is there evidence of collaboration and co-sponsorships?
  • What impact will the program have on campus? Will it reach a broad segment of the student population?
  • Does this program increase awareness and understanding of diversity or work toward increased engagement among a diverse audience? (Applicable only to diversity funds.)

All funding decisions are at the discretion of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

How to Apply

Complete the funding request forms and submit via email to a minimum of 30 days prior to the event or conference.

Please contact Rhonda Taylor at 402-472-5507 with any questions.

Funding Request Forms

Program & Event Funding Requests
Event Information Form
Event Budget Form
Post-Event Survey

Conference Attendance Funding Requests
Post-Conference Survey

Funding Acknowledgement Requirements

Students are encouraged to promote events and conference attendance through social media. When doing so, please use the hashtag #NebStudents1st to designate that Student Affairs supported your event. By using this hashtag, you grant permission for Student Affairs to market/promote your event and/or conference attendance.

Promotional materials for events should include the following .jpg image on all fliers and websites. 

icon for Student Affairs Pepsi funds