Use winter break to jump-start your career

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 Use winter break to jump-start your career

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With fall semester behind you now, you’re likely daydreaming about all you want to do (or not do) over your well-deserved break. While it's important to recharge your brain and body with plenty of sleep, delicious holiday meals, time with loved ones and probably a few Netflix binges, you’ll also benefit from time spent thinking about your career.

That doesn't mean you have to hunker down and work on your résumé for the entirety of break. Instead, try taking a more personal and laid-back approach to career discovery over the holidays. Suggested ideas include:

  • Discuss courses, experiences, and extra-curricular activities with your friends. Asking those around you for recommendations can help you get ideas for things you might try out in the future.
  • Make connections with people that your family (or close friends) know. Maybe it's a cousin with extensive experience in non-profits or a family friend who now works in marketing—the possibilities are endless. Reach out to those who may have some professional experience and advice that would help you with your career goals. Approach them with questions about their job or career path and ask for advice they can give you.
  • Search job listings for companies in your area and see if there's anything that piques your interest. Keep an eye on the list of skills required for the job. These can give insight as to what skills you have already, what skills you can work on, and possible ideas for classes and clubs to participate in next semester to help you gain new skills.

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