Students named Intramural Sports’ Athletes of the Year

Thursday, June 8, 2017 Students named Intramural Sports’ Athletes of the Year

Campus Recreation Athlete of the Year recipients Brenda Nguyen and Levi Gipson

Brenda Nguyen and Levi Gipson earned Athlete of the Year (AOTY) honors for their play in Campus Recreation’s intramural sports program. Seventy-one intramural events across the spectrum of sport and games are available to students to foster positive social interactions, stress-relief, and the spirit-of-competition; Over 7,000 students participated this past year.

To qualify for AOTY honors, students earn points playing in twelve pre-determined ‘singles’ events throughout the year. Events for 2016-17 were tennis, bowling, home run derby, obstacle course, 9-ball pool, table tennis, badminton, racquetball, around-the-world, indoor track meet, air rifle, and chess.

Brenda is a senior psychology major from Minneapolis, Minn. She also is a member of the Nebraska Badminton Club student organization. Brenda earned her AOTY points by winning both the Women’s Badminton and Table Tennis tournaments’.

Levi is from Lincoln and graduated in May with a degree in nutrition, exercise, and health sciences. He is currently enrolled in graduate business classes and employed as a personal trainer. Levi earned his AOTY points in Singles Tennis, Home Run Derby, Obstacle Course, Table Tennis, Badminton, Racquetball, Indoor Track, and winning the Bowling event.

Congratulations Brenda & Levi!

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