My Well-being: Elevating my intellectual pursuits

Friday, April 24, 2020 My Well-being: Elevating my intellectual pursuits

To balance my overall personal well-being, I set specific times throughout the days and weeks directed towards each dimension. One of my favorites is INTELLECTUAL WELL-BEING and here are ways I emphasis it in my life:  

  • Challenge myself with something new. It doesn’t need to be related to my major or career, just so long as I’m absorbing new knowledge.  Hobbies, reading or online lectures are easy-to-access options.
  • Staying on top of my schoolwork. Setting specifics tasks to accomplish (with a deadline) and sticking to a schedule.
  • Journaling my thoughts and stories. Writing down ideas, feelings, and dreams helps me process the details and brings clarity.

 P.S. My favorite self-care routine is turning off my phone notifications, putting on music, and taking a walk.

Looking for more well-being? Check out the new Wake to Well-Being video series we started, designed to promote positive personal practices for UNL students. We led off the series with four great topics: Focus on the Good; Mindfulness; Vision Boards; and Connectedness.

Karlie Van Meter is a Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management major and a well-being ambassador at Big Red Resilience and Well-being (BRRWB) within UNL Student Affairs. BRRWB helps students in all areas of of well-being: social, cultural, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, career, environmental, and physical. Schedule an appointment with a well-being coach here.


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