Before leaving for winter break, DO THESE THINGS

Friday, December 13, 2019 Before leaving for winter break, DO THESE THINGS

goldfish in an aquarium.
  • Get a free flu shot at the University Health Center.
  • Sell back textbooks to the Campus Store inside the Nebraska Union.
  • Return or renew books at the UNL Libraries.
  • Store your bicycle in your room or apartment.
  • Sign up for student health insurance for spring semester.
  • Clear out uneaten food. Donate non-perishable items at Husker Pantry to benefit other students.
  • Grab your workout clothes and sports gear from your rented locker in one of the campus rec facilities.
  • Gather your laundry - including bed sheets and towels - to wash and bring back fresh to campus.
  • Empty the trash cans and recycling bins. Do not flush or toss unwanted medications; use the Safe Disposal Box at the University Health Center’s pharmacy.
  • Unplug all electric devices - including computers, hair dryers, TVs, video game players, and countertop appliances.
  • Take your houseplants and fish.
  • Close and tightly latch windows.
  • Turn off lights and lock the door.
Enjoy your winter break!

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