International Students Visit the UNL Rodeo

Thursday, June 2, 2016 International Students Visit the UNL Rodeo

International students and family members visit with a cowboy to learn how the rodeo events work.

Cowboy hats, chaps, boots and roping gear commonly are seen around the state of Nebraska thanks to the dominant agriculture scene. However, these artifacts and the entire rodeo concept are unfamiliar to many international students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

International students bring a unique story enriched by their background and a passion for learning about American culture. During their time at UNL, these students not only seek a classroom education but they also get a glimpse into the American way of life.

To help understand the Nebraskan agriculture scene and many of their peers, Student Engagement planned a behind the scenes tour of the UNL Rodeo. One hundred students and their family members attended events held in conjunction with the UNL Rodeo in April.

“I never attended rodeo events before and I thought it would be an interesting event. Plus, going to such event through UNL would be more helpful because there's a lot of NSE staff that can help explain stuff and assist us through out the event,” said Raihanah Hassim a junior agronomy major from Malaysia.

At the rodeo students visited animals, tried on rodeo attire, learned how cowboys wrangle cattle and attended the rodeo show.

“I think the cowboys in the movies are really cool when they are trying to buck the cattle. I personally like cowboy attires. I don’t wear them, but I kind of like this kind of clothing style,” said Minrong Jiang, a junior political science major from China.

This was the first time international students attended the rodeo as a group. Due to the overwhelming response, it is likely to be an event again next year.

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