Health & Fitness: Know your campus nutrition services

Thursday, January 28, 2021 Health & Fitness: Know your campus nutrition services

Two students prepare an Instapot recipe during at CookWell Class at the Rec & Wellness Center.

Healthy eating can be a challenge, yet the effort can yield you good benefits. Connect with these UNL campus resources to help with your nutrition goals.

  • University Health Center's Nutrition Counseling
    Healthy nutrition isn’t one-size-fits-all. A registered dietitian can combine general nutrition guidelines and genetic testing to create a personalized nutritional care proven to be most effective for your specific DNA. The first visit is free if you pay student fees. Call 402-472-5000 to set up your one-on-one appointment.

  • Meal Kit Mondays
    Forget the expensive meal delivery services and pre-order a $15 meal kit for the first Monday of each month from Campus Recreation's Wellness Kitchen. Each meal kit is designed to feed four people and includes all the pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe card - everything you need to create a delicious dinner in less than one hour.

  • CookWell Classes
    A series of monthly interactive cooking classes hosted by a registered dietitian at Campus Recreation's Wellness Kitchen. Each class explores a new topic and attendees get hands-on practice with each recipe - a perfect opportunity to hone your personal chef skills and meet other aspiring cooks on campus. Cost is $10 per person.

  • Campus Recreation's Nutrition Consultations
    A great option for students seeking expert information about sports nutrition: what to eat and drink to fuel your workouts and your recovery; how to maintain your energy levels to train at peak performance and avoid the feeling of chronic fatigue; and tips for easing a constantly demanding lifestyle that causes you to survive on “hit-or-miss” meals. Visit the Member Services desk in the Campus Rec Center (city) or Rec & Wellness Center (east) to start your personalized nutrition services package.

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