'Greek Getaway’ brings 120 potential fraternity members to campus

Monday, June 25, 2018 'Greek Getaway’ brings 120 potential fraternity members to campus

Greek Getaway recruitment event at Alpha Gamma Sigma

Interested incoming students attend a barbecue hosted by Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Gamma Sigma and Farmhouse on East Campus. (Photo by Justin Henry)

Local or nearby students are available to attend the many summer barbecues, pizza nights, baseball games and lake days hosted by many fraternities as recruitment events in the summer, but for out-of-town and out-of-state incoming students the chance to build a community can be more challenging. As a result, the Interfraternity Council and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life began hosting ‘Greek Getaway’ in 2017.

Greek Getaway provides a single weekend for incoming students interested in fraternities to visit the campus and attend multiple fraternity recruitment events. In total, fraternities hosted around 75 events during the weekend this year.

“Greek Getaway provides potential new members the opportunity to find a community they want to be a part of once they start college in the fall,” said Justin Henry, director of fraternity recruitment for the Interfraternity Council. “It is important to be able to meet members from various fraternities before signing with a chapter so that you know that all of the fraternities have to offer.”

As part of the experience, 57 out-of-towners chose to stay at the Alpha Delta Pi sorority house with IFC exec members where meals were provided June 15-17, 2018. IFC also employed a graduate staff member to be present at the house, similar to fraternities’ employing house parents during the year to supervise staff and ensure members’ safety.

While this is only the second year of Greek Getaway, the Alpha Delta Pi house was at capacity. Organizers say they may have to find additional facilities in the future as interest from out-of-town students persists.

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