Emails from Maxient are safe for students to open

Thursday, February 20, 2020 Emails from Maxient are safe for students to open

Awareness of online phishing scams has increased recently, making the average email user more wary of opening and interacting with messages from unfamiliar addresses. Phishing scams attempt to gain private information by tricking recipients into opening false links or websites. However, students may miss important communications from the university due to a sender address that seems suspicious.

That’s why the university wants students to know that emails sent through Maxient are safe.

Student Conduct and Community Standards at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln utilizes a third-party email software called Maxient. It is a secure, web-based application that manages conduct records at universities and assists schools in sending out correspondence. Types of emails sent out through Maxient include meeting request letters, follow-ups involving conduct and non-conduct issues, sanction due date reminders, and overdue sanction letters.

Students receiving an initial email from Maxient will see a link to the letter sent from the university. The subject line should read, “Action Required: UNL Conduct and Community Standards Important Message for [Student Name]”.

Within the email’s text, students will be given alink to a log-in screen,by which they can access the correspondence letter that the university has sent. If you are a leader of a student organization, you will find instructions to contact the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to receivean access code for your organization. Then, recipients are directed to save the letter they have been sent and additional help links in case any issues arise.

Maxient also allows Student Conduct and Community Standards to send text messages to students if their cell phone number is on file. This means that the university can send individual texts to students with a link to the communication sent via Maxient. The text message will read, “An important letter has been emailed to you from the University of Nebraska. Access it there or here: [link to view the correspondence sent]”.

If you receive an email or text from Maxient, this is a legitimate email from the university, and not part of a phishing scam.

Questions? Email or call 402-472-2021.

Kirsten Wandrey  |  Student Affairs

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