Demystifying group therapy at CAPS

Monday, January 31, 2022 Demystifying group therapy at CAPS

Kristin Jagels, a staff member at Counseling & Psychological Services, leads a group therapy session via Zoom.

You may have heard of “group” and wondered what the buzz was all about. Group therapy is a term commonly used by mental health practitioners to help facilitate constructive conversations among individuals who share similar experiences. At Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), all participants are UNL students.

Through group sessions facilitated by a professional at CAPS, students can learn from others, feel supported, gain insight, practice new behaviors and increase self-esteem. All CAPS therapy groups are free to students who have paid student fees.

Why group therapy?

Group therapy helps students, like you, see that they are not alone in their challenges. Students can model successful behaviors leading to learning from one another. Together group members and the facilitator can offer support that encourages learning and growth.

Is it confidential?

All group members must sign a confidentiality agreement prior to participating. Additionally, the facilitator will meet briefly with each participant prior to initial participation to ensure all individuals have common goals and that conflicts of interest do not exist.

What is an “initial evaluation”?

This is a same-day appointment with a counselor at CAPS to discuss your concerns to help direct recommendations for ongoing services. The better you communicate your worries or needs, the better the counselor can help recommend therapy and support groups that may match your needs. Due to the high demand, it’s recommended that you call first thing in the morning on the day that works best for you to meet.

What is an “initial screening”?

This is a conversation between a potential group participant and the facilitator who works with the group you’d potentially join through CAPS. This conversation is meant to ensure the group meets your needs, discuss confidentiality and help foster a positive dynamic for the best group experience.

During an initial screening, the facilitator may ask about past experiences in groups to see how you’d fit into the session conversations. They’ll also ask about your goals, past group experiences and what you may have liked or disliked, fears and availability to participate. It’s important to be honest with yourself and the facilitator so they can match you with the best group for you. Most groups are kept to 5 to 7 participants.

How do I know if group is right for me?

CAPS currently has therapy and support groups based on eight different shared experiences: graduate women, graduate women of color, undergraduate and graduate therapy groups, an undergraduate BIPOC therapy group, international student therapy, support for students with children, and therapy for disordered eating and body image concerns. If one of these resonates with you, give CAPS at call at (402) 472-7450 to set up an appointment to discuss joining a group.

If one of these resonates with you, give CAPS a call at (402) 472-7450 to set up an initial screening and show interest in joining a group.

If none of these fit your needs or you want more individualized support, you can schedule a same-day initial evaluation for individual counseling or schedule an appointment for Let’s Talk, an informal consultation available either in-person or virtually.

No matter which path you take to commit to improving your mental well-being, CAPS is here to help. For questions, feel free to call (402) 472-7450.

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