Beat the cold with these at-home workouts

Monday, November 21, 2022 Beat the cold with these at-home workouts

Campus Recreation staff demonstrate a few at-home workout exercises

written by Kyle Minchow, Campus Recreation strength training and conditioning coordinator, and Hattie Roberts, Campus Recreation graduate assistant for group fitness

Participating in at-home workouts is a fantastic way to find stress relief, mental breaks and movement for your body. As the weather begins to get colder, it might not be as ideal to make a trip to the gym. Below are some guidelines and full-body workout plans for you to participate in a safe and effective at-home workout.

Make sure to wear sneakers when working out at home. This step is important for your protection as shoes assist in properly performing movements. Turn on your favorite jams to create a motivating space and atmosphere. Reach out to a friend or roommate to see if they would like to join. Have water ready to stay hydrated throughout your workout. When performing exercises on the floor, use a mat, blanket or soft surface for extra support. Lastly, find an open space to perform your workout and place any items to the side as they could become potential tripping hazards.

Warm Up

A proper warm-up is not only important when it comes to getting everything out of your workout, but it also helps prevent injury.

Movement Time
March in Place 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
High Knees 30 seconds
Toe Taps on Stationary Object 30 seconds
Butt Kicks 30 seconds
Skaters 30 seconds
Arm Circles (forwards & back) 30 seconds each direction
Hamstring Curls 30 seconds
Option #1: Body Weight Workout
Lower Body
Exercise Sets Reps
3 10
3 each side (6 total) 10 each set
Upper Body
Exercise Sets Reps
3 10
3 10
Exercise Sets Time
3 30 seconds
3 30 seconds
3 30 seconds
3 30 seconds
Option #2: Backpack Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
3 10-12
3 10-12
3 10-12
3 each side (6 total) 12-15 each set
3 12-15
3 each side (6 total) 10-12 each set
3 10-12
3 30-40 seconds

Stretching at the end of your workout can help boost your flexibility, reduce the risk of injury, and decrease muscle tension in your body.

Stretch Time
Quadricep Stretch 16-20 seconds for each arm
Hamstring Stretch 30 seconds for each arm
Cat & Cow 16-20 seconds
Full Body Stretch 16-20 seconds
Side Stretch 16-20 seconds for each side
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