Huskers Unplugged facilitates connections and conversations

On Friday, Mar. 3, UNL Hillel partnered with the Muslim Student Association and the UNL Ballroom Dance Club to host Huskers Unplugged. Students strengthened friendships and made connections at the technology-free event.

The evening of activities kicked off with sunset yoga on the Nebraska Union green space. After yoga, students gathered in the Centennial Room for bingo, coloring and conversation. Students enjoyed soda, popcorn and Israeli chocolate balls for snacks.

Between rounds of bingo, students asked each other questions from Husker Dialogues card decks. After a few games, UNL Hillel President Zachary Bram asked everyone to sit next to someone they did not know and have a conversation with them.

At the end of the evening, participants joined the UNL Ballroom Dance Club for dancing.

Huskers Unplugged is a part of the National Day of Unplugging, an annual event started by members of the Jewish community. The event started at sunset on Mar. 3 and lasted until sunset on Mar. 4.

“[The National Day of Unplugging] is a good way to modernize Shabbat,” said UNL Hillel Treasurer Gabrielle Williams.

On Shabbat, or the Sabbath, members of the Jewish faith are encouraged to rest from work and spend quality time with friends and family.

Huskers Unplugged provided all students with the opportunity to take a break from notifications and text messages to spend quality time with one another.

“We’re so reliant on our phones,” said Holly Priedie, sophomore. “It’s nice to have a couple of hours away from technology.”

Throughout the evening, students formed and strengthened friendships while having meaningful conversations.

“As a junior, I don’t meet new people all the time,” said Williams. “Having an event where people can come together is awesome. It is nice to provide that for people.”

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