COVID-19 Academic Flexibility Requests

Due to the university’s plan to return to near-normal activity levels for Fall 2021, the academic flexibility process has changed. Students seeking academic flexibility for Fall 2021 related to COVID-19 must have medical documentation of a health risk that cannot be mitigated through vaccination for their request to be considered. Except in very unusual circumstances, Student Advocacy & Support will only consider requests for academic flexibility that meet this criterion.

Documentation from an impartial, licensed healthcare provider is required. This consists of a letter on clinic letterhead with the provider’s full name, credentials, and signature, that explains the health risk that cannot be mitigated by the vaccine.

Requests may not be approved for consideration by faculty. In addition, academic flexibility may not be possible when the lecture, lab, or recitation is pedagogically designed to be completed through in person attendance. Please visit with an academic advisor to explore course alternatives.

Additional resources are available to help students:

Complete the COVID-19 Academic Flexibility Request Form

Students will receive an initial response from Student Advocacy & Support within three business days of their submission.